Why do I need a personal injury solicitor?

If you have been injured in a car accident, accident at work, accident in a public place, or in any other type of accident where you believe someone else was to blame, you are entitled under English law to make a claim for compensation against the person or company responsible.

If the accident was only of a fairly minor nature and you made a full recovery from your injuries within a few days or weeks, you may be able to make your claim through your local Small Claims Court. At the time of writing you can claim up to £1,000 in compensation (although there are plans to raise this figure) and you don't need a solicitor to represent you.

If your injuries have lasted more than a few weeks you are likely to be entitled to a much larger compensation award. In these cases the law allows you to appoint a specialist personal injury solicitor to represent you. If your claim is successful you will be able to recover your solicitor's fees in addition to your compensation.

Your choice of personal injury solicitor can mean the difference not only between whether you win or lose your claim, but can also mean the difference in thousands of pounds of compensation.

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We ensure all our customers have the best possible legal representation to win their claims and get the maximum amount of compensation. We appoint a leading personal injury solicitor who has an outstanding track record with the particular type of accident or injury claim you are making.

See personal injury solicitors for more information.

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