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Industrial deafness and Tinnitus
It has long been recognised that excessive work place noise can cause deafness and in some cases tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears). Industrial deafness is a high tone sensorineural hearing loss that affects the individual's ability to hear background noises and may cause the sufferer to fail to hear the telephone or doorbell ring and have to ask others to repeat themselves.

Causes of tinnitus
One of the primary causes of tinnitus is trauma to the cochlea from loud noises or accidents which cause hair cell damage. When the hairs in the cochlea are damaged, bent or broken, they move randomly in a constant state of irritation. Unable to hold their charge, the auditory cells "leak" random electrical impulses to the brain as noise - which causes tinnitus.

Possible causes of tinnitus after suffering an injury in an accident

Trauma-related innitus causes - damage to the inner ear (could result
from excessive exposure to loud sound).

Temporomandibular joint problems (jaw disorders resulting in clicking or
grating noises) can be one of the tinnitus causes.

Trauma or injury to the head or neck can be a tinnitus cause.

Ear wax - Buildup of excess wax in the ear can reduce your ability to
hear outside noises, and can be tinnitus causes by causing you to hear
internal noises better.

Ear infection - If an infection reduces your ability to hear outside
noises, you are more likely to hear the noises related to Tinnitus.

High blood pressure - High blood pressure and factors that increase the
blood pressure such as stress, alcohol and caffeine are tinnitus causes
and can make the sounds more noticeable.

Stress - Stress is not a direct cause of tinnitus, but it may generally
make an already existing case worse.

Tinnitus compensation amounts
The amount of compensation that can be claimed for tinnitus varies
greatly depending on the nature and severity of the tinnitus. Damages
can range from £1,000 to tens of thousands of pounds.

See if you have a valid claim for tinnitus compensation now by
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