Types of accident

Accidents happen, it's a fact of life. A car accident, an accident at work, a slip or trip accident - almost one in five of us have had an accident in the last 12 months. Quite often there's no one to blame, except maybe ourselves, but around 2 million accidents a year are someone else's fault. From a fall or trip in the street and a twisted ankle to whiplash or far more serious injuries sustained in a road traffic accident, The Accident Compensation People can help you claim compensation from the person who was responsible for your accident (in practice this is usually claimed from their insurance company).

The Accident Compensation People make claiming compensation easy. We are experienced in dealing with all types of injuries, including:

  • Car accidents

  • Accidents at work

  • Trips or slips in the street, a shop or a public place

  • Road traffic accidents

  • Accidents in public places, shops or offices

  • Accidents in someone else's home

  • Accidents caused by defective goods

  • Accidents caused by contaminated food

  • Accidents caused by medical mistakes

  • Accidents caused by dental mistakes

  • Accidents on holiday in the UK or abroad

  • Criminal attacks

  • Sporting injuries


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