Lancaster worker sustains hand injury when working with printing machine

A Lancaster-based fabric printing company has been prosecuted following an incident in which a worker suffered a hand injury.

The 56-year-old employee was trying to remove a small piece of material from a roller with a plastic tool while the machine was still running. However, he turned away from the machine and his arm and hand came into contact with the rollers and were dragged between them.

Although the worker managed to stop the machine by pulling the emergency cord, he had to wait for the machine to be dismantled before he could be freed. He suffered a swollen elbow, a fractured thumb and hand, and he also required four stitches to his thumb.

Lancaster Magistrates' Court heard that there were no safety guards on the machine to prevent workers from accessing dangerous moving parts. A guard or another preventative measure, such as a light beam to stop the machine, could have protected the worker from personal injury.

The company was fined £10,000 and ordered to pay costs of £3,940 for failing to prevent the employee from suffering the hand injury in the accident at work.


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