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Worker loses arm in industrial accident

A construction worker who lost his forearm in a work accident has been awarded compensation after his company were found to be negligent.

The mechanical and electrical engineer, needed to have his right forearm amputated after it was crushed in machinery at a waste water treatment works near Honley on March 12, 2008.

Huddersfield magistrates fined the injured worker's company £6,000 plus £2,163 costs and £15 victim surcharge.

The victim was working on a screw conveyor belt, known as a centrifuge when the accident happened. This had become blocked several times since the refurbished plant went into commission in early 2008, the court was told.

To unblock the system, employers would stop the machinery and remove the conveyor belt cover, exposing the working parts beneath, before clearing the blockage.

Magistrates were told that the employer had failed to carry out an adequate risk assessment and had no written guidelines for unblocking the centrifuge.

The employee therefore successfully made a personal injury compensation claim for his work accident.


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