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Money worries cause workplace accident fears

Insurance company RSA has said that employers must do more to reduce stress levels in the workplace, or risk a rise in the work injury rate.

The company's warning follows a survey of workers which found that financial pressures associated with the global economic crisis make them more susceptible to taking days off work.

The survey of 2,013 workers found that 35% believed they were more likely to have an accident at work because of money worries, while 71% reported feeling more stressed.

An RSA spokesperson commented, "Many people are working longer hours and are over-stressed. This impacts on staff productivity, retention and on people's personal lives.
"Employers have to take stress, long hours and the likely increase in work injury seriously. All employers have a duty of care to their staff. Good employers recognise this and are taking steps to address this."

The survey also confirmed some regional stereotypes, with London workers feeling more stressed than those from other UK cities.

It remains to be seen whether the study's findings will be reflected in a rise in the number of work injury compensation claims in the coming twelve months.


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