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Technician could claim work injury compensation

A Suffolk technician, employed by a used-truck and van dealership, may be able to make a compensation claim after sustaining personal injury at work.

The 60-year-old man had been working underneath a lorry cab, conducting a routine vehicle check, and had propped a metal pole under the cab to keep it off the ground as he did so.

The incident occurred when the pole became unstable causing the cab to drop onto the technician. He sustained two broken ribs and the considerable stress of being trapped under the vehicle for around ten minutes before being freed.

Despite being fortunate enough not to have sustained more severe injury or being killed, the victim still needed to take six weeks off work to recover.

A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigator stated, "[The man's] injury could have been foreseen and prevented. And it all could have been much worse: there are cases of people having been killed by falling vehicle cabs. HSE will not hesitate to take companies, big or small, to court when they fail to behave responsibly and so expose their workers to risk."

The dealership was fined £4,500 and paid court costs of £2,726, and now that it has been found liable for the accident the victim may be able to make a claim for work injury compensation. However, unless it can be proved that there were no other means for the worker to have raised the vehicle, he may be held partially responsible for his injuries.


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