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Harbour master in no win, no fee win

A harbour master from Suffolk has received £6,000 work injury compensation from the council there for a back injury he suffered as a result of a slip accident on stairs in Southwold harbour.

The work injury compensation claimant told press, "My colleagues and I had reported our concerns about the stairs to Waveney District Council several times over about four or five years but they did nothing to make them safer. I decided to pursue compensation because I felt strongly that the council had been negligent towards its employees.
"This injury meant I had to leave the job I loved earlier than I would have liked and I wanted to make sure that none of my colleagues suffered the same fate."

The no win no fee solicitor who represented the man's claim appeared to be satisfied with the work injury compensation ruling. "The council failed to ensure adequate precautions were taken to avoid this accident. [The claimant] sustained injuries to his back and as a result can no longer work as a harbour master - a job he got great satisfaction from," he said.


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