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Work injury claim filed after crane hook accident

A work injury claim involving a manufacturer of motor components in Cheshire may be made after the company was found liable for an incident with a crane hook which resulted in personal injury to an employee.

On May 21st 2009 at a factory in an industrial estate, three employees were working a night shift when one damaged his left leg when a crane hook fell on him.

Chester Crown Court found the manufacturing firm to be guilty and ordered it to pay a fine of £20,000 as well as prosecution costs of £8,792.

The firm admitted that health and safety was not up to standard at the factory where the injury took place, as the chains' lifting capacity was not clearly marked and this meant that the workers' safety was not ensured.

After the case, an inspector for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) offered some advice to the manufacturer, saying, "Lifting capacities exist for a reason and it's vital that manufacturers who use overhead cranes make sure employees aren't put at risk from falling loads."

During 2009-2010, the HSE checked businesses in the north west of England where the accident took place, prosecuting companies for a combined total of 89 offences.

Employers need to ensure that they are not in violation of the Health and Safety at Work Act if they are to avoid any work injury claims being made against them. Any staff members who suffer a work-related personal injury due to their employer's negligence could make a compensation claim for their pain and loss of earnings.


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