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Compensation cow comes home for dairy farmer

The work injury claim of a former dairy farmer has resulted in the payout of £60,000 in personal injury compensation.

The claimant sustained multiple injuries after being charged at by a cow that had only moments before been separated from its newborn calf.

Commenting on the incident, the claimant said, "She was agitated about her calf and I was an easy target.

"She charged me and then went to charge again, but slipped and fell on top of me. I was totally trapped, I couldn't move a muscle. It was an accident, but it could have been prevented. The calf should not have been taken away from the cow so soon after birth,"

The no win, no fee lawyer who represented the 49-year-old's work injury claim commented, "[My client] lost out on three years' earnings during his recovery period and faced financial and emotional hardship as he was forced to leave his home and the job he loved.

"This was an employer's liability case and we are happy [my client] has been recompensed for his injuries. This case has had a traumatic and long-lasting effect on his life."

Some of the compensation the man received from his work injury claim will be paid back to his employer's insurance company to cover the cost of medical expenses, leaving him with just over £40,000.

However, he is still satisfied with the outcome of his case, commenting, "It's a fair settlement but I'm on painkillers for the rest of my life."


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