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Hospital worker wins MRSA gel slip claim

A Newcastle-based healthcare assistant has received work accident compensation after she slipped on antiseptic anti-MRSA hand gel, then fell and broke her hip while working at a hospital there.

Despite receiving immediate surgery on the hip, doctors were not able to prevent it becoming a chronic injury. Soon after, the woman needed a hip replacement and has now been medically retired from her job as a result, significant factors in her work accident compensation claim.

The personal injury lawyer who represented the claimant commented, "There should have been a system in place to ensure that hospital workers, patients and visitors could walk freely along the corridors without any danger to them. The hospital was aware that there had been other instances involving this particular cleaning fluid but did not take appropriate steps to remove any chance of danger."

Meanwhile, the work accident compensation awardee remarked, "After 34 years, I was looking forward to a normal retirement. Instead, I've been left with permanent damage to my hip which has caused me no end of difficulties. If simple measures had been taken to ensure that the floor was safe for me and others to walk on, I would not have been put in this position."


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