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A 44-year-old man from Greater Manchester is engaged in a work accident claim for compensation after suffering a hand injury as a result of using machinery at his place of employment.

The carpenter, who has over 20 years experience in the profession, was using a nail gun when it misfired and injured tendons in his metacarpus (the broad section of the palm).

A no-win, no-fee solicitor representing the claimant has said that his client should receive 100 percent compensation as a result of alleged failings on the part of the relevant employer.

It is likely that a separate health and safety investigation is being carried out into the incident; not least because it is alleged in the civil case that the nail gun was faulty and inadequately maintained.

Should the work accident claim prove successful, the claimant can expect to receive a four-figure sum of compensation for the reduced dexterity of his hand and consequent reduced employment prospects.

It is hoped that the work accident claim will be resolved out-of-court, as this would result in less stress and lower costs than a settlement obtained in the courts.


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