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Work accident claims for the Chilean miners

One of 2010's most famous work accident news stories was that of the Chilean miners who were trapped for 72 days, 2,300 feet underground.

Now 27 of the 33 men's families have made a total compensation claim of the equivalent of £17 million against the Chilean mining regulator, and a representative of the commission chosen by one of Chile's Congress has said that "there has clearly been negligence on the part of the company," which reportedly put its profit before the safety of its employees.

Investigations have uncovered an apparent failure to have the "adequate safety measures in place, required by the authorities".

Responsibly for the incident, which involved no fatalities amongst the workers, has been pinned on the mining regulator for not having carried out sufficient inspections of the mine to monitor health and safety risks which could have resulted in an accident at work and personal injury to employees.

The work accident put the men through considerable suffering and at an increased risk of falling ill or becoming the victims of an industrial disease through stress, malnourishment, bad bacteria and dust and, as such, compensation can be claimed.


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