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$50 million lawsuit after chimp mauls worker

The owner of a chimpanzee which mauled a Connecticut woman is arguing that the attack should be viewed as a work accident.

The 200-pound chimpanzee named Travis ripped off the victim's hands, lips and eyelids in the attack, provoking her family to file a $50 million lawsuit against its owner.

The chimp's owner is arguing that because the victim was working for their tow truck business at the time, the attack should be treated as a work-related injury.

This would protect the owner from any personal liability and also lessen the amount of compensation she would have to pay out.

The victim's family however disagree with the argument and are likely to go ahead with their original personal injury claim.

The case has yet to come to court so it is not yet known if the chimp's owner will escape personal liability by arguing the attack was a work accident. Either way the fate of the chimpanzee looks likely to be bleak due to the threat he now poses to society.


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