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Woman seeks £2m in compensation for excessive growth

A twenty-year-old woman is seeking £2m in medical negligence compensation after doctors failed to spot a pituitary gland tumour which was affecting her growth.

The woman had grown to a height of 5ft 9in when she was aged just eleven-years-old and continued to grow to 6ft 5in.

The former drama student has launched a claim for medical negligence compensation against the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, claiming that the treatment she received at the St James's University Hospital and the Leeds General Infirmary led to her excessive growth.

She has said that she was forced to give up her ambition of becoming an actress after growing too tall for a career on the stage or on screen.

Her personal injury solicitors are arguing that the failure to correctly diagnose the woman's pituitary tumour not only led to her excessive growth but also to bone abnormalities and psychological problems.

The NHS Trust has admitted liability for the incident but is challenging the amount of medical negligence compensation which should be paid.


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