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Airline pays holidaymaker for a bad trip

A British woman has received thousands of pounds in accident compensation after suffering a holiday injury before her flight abroad had even left the ground.

The 69-year-old fell headfirst down temporary stairs between the boarding gate and her plane at Birmingham International Airport in September 2008.

She had to cancel her holiday to Lanzarote and spent the next nine months unable to work after suffering a dislocated shoulder, torn hamstring and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The airline paid her £28,000 in damages after it was revealed the stairs had not been properly connected and the steps and handrail were wet due to a leak in the roof.

However, the victim said she struggled to find legal representation after her apparently straightforward claim was turned down by a no win, no fee solicitor.

"I was devastated when the first solicitor I approached turned down my claim," she said. "I knew the accident wasn't my fault but they said they couldn't win."

Eventually her trade union found her a personal injury lawyer who had experience of holiday accident claims.

"It is only right that she is compensated," the lawyer said. "Not only for her pain and suffering but for the time she missed at work and also the holiday which she and her husband had to abandon."

The woman is said to be "absolutely delighted" with the holiday injury compensation she received.


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