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Call for help in asbestos at work claim

A widow who watched her 62-year-old husband die after being exposed to asbestos at work is appealing to his former colleagues to help.

The man who worked at a textile mill in Bradford was diagnosed with the fatal lung cancer mesothelioma in 2006, caused by asbestos exposure.

A year later the man died and the inquest revealed it was down to industrial disease.

During his time as an employee of the textile mill, in the 1960s, the man breathed in lethal materials which later caused the mesothelioma.

His widow is now asking his former colleagues to come forward to help in an asbestos compensation claim.

The industrial disease lawyer working on the case revealed that the man was never warned of the dangers or provided with health and safety equipment.

The widow of the man believes that other employees of the textile mill were also exposed to asbestos at work and is calling for them to come forward.


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