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Insurance group reveals fraud figures

A survey by insurance group LV has found that there has been a rise in the number of fraudulent insurance claims, with whiplash the injury most frequently claim for.

According to the survey, no win, no fee solicitors have reported a 40% rise in the number of dubious claims, with over 50% of these being for car accidents and, of this 50%, a significant proportion for whiplash.

Nearly 60% of the solicitors polled said that they felt there had been an increase in dubious and fraudulent claims over the past decade, with 89% saying that the no win, no fee system had made it easier for fraudsters to have access to personal injury legal services.

LV's claims director commented, "Genuine cases of personal injury where another person or company is at fault are certainly cause for compensation.

"However, drivers who invent or exaggerate their injuries to make a claim not only break the law but also push up the cost of car insurance premiums for all motorists."

Whiplash was found to be the injury most frequently claimed for fraudulently, the second most "made up" injury was Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


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