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Lifeboat man forced off sea by whiplash injury

A whiplash injury wrecked a lifeboat man's voluntary career with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), helping save lives at sea and rescuing stranded sailors.

His car was hit from behind on a motorway and the force of the impact caused his spine to develop an unnatural 'S' shape.

The 50-year-old lifeboat man's whiplash condition started to deteriorate after the car accident, according to a report in the Portsmouth News.

He discovered he could no longer work on a boat because the movement of the sea was likely to further damage his spine.

As a result, he failed the RNLI medical and he was devastated to have to stop his lifeboat duties which he described as a "lifelong passion".

He was awarded compensation of £6000 for the whiplash injury after personal injury solicitors were able to make a successful claim from the other motorist's insurance company.


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