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Examiner's neck injured during driving test

A driving examiner has made a whiplash claim for £15,000 compensation after he suffered a neck injury during the worst test he had experienced in his 12-year career.

He was testing a young woman driver when a braking manoeuvre caused her to stop suddenly, forcing another vehicle to take evasive action.

In court, the examiner noted 14 faults in the 40-minute test, almost half of which were dangerous or serious. At one point, a three-point turn turned into a nine-point one with the learner allegedly mounting the curb.

When she braked sharply, the severity of the incident threw him forward and back into his seat, causing him to drop his test clipboard.

He was left with neck, shoulder and chest pain and decided to bring a whiplash injury claim against the insurance company that covered the car being used for the test.


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