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Schoolgirl's bus injury claim win

A 16-year-old schoolgirl from Glasgow has won whiplash compensation after sustaining the injury in a school bus accident.

The aspiring graphic designer was a passenger on the school bus which was travelling back from a 2009 Christmas show when the driver, failing to give full attention to the road, drove into the back of another bus.

During the crash, the girl, who was wearing a seatbelt, was thrown forward, hyper-extending her neck in the process.

However, she was not the only girl to suffer injury in the incident; another girl, 16-years-old but from a lower set, suffered a fractured thumb as, unseated, she grabbed onto a handrail for support.

It was a condition of the whiplash compensation settlement that the payout remains undisclosed. However, it is understood that the deal involves components accounting for the both the girl's pain and injury as well as the interruptions caused to her academic and sporting life.

News of the whiplash compensation deal comes at a time when the education secretary Michael Gove has called schools too risk averse, claiming that they are "bubble wrapped" and at the mercy of "compensation culture".


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