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Injury solicitor faces SRA accusations

The man said to be the wealthiest personal injury solicitor in the UK is facing accusations from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) that he indulged in serious misconduct while representing the compensation claims of miners suffering from the condition Vibration White Finger (VWF).

The VWF solicitor, who once earned over £17 million in one year, is facing eleven charges of breaking SRA rules. The SRA, a branch of the Law Society, say that the solicitor's conduct was "unbefitting" of a good personal injury specialist.

At the heart of the case are accusations that the solicitor did not inform successful VWF claimants of their entitlement to 100% compensation - something made possible by the Department of Trade and Industry undertaking to pay all legal fees in such claims.

Instead, it is claimed, the super wealthy solicitor took cuts of around 25% from the injury payouts awarded to miners.

The case is ongoing. If found guilty of misconduct the solicitor faces the possibility of being struck of the register.


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