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Compensation ‘woefully inadequate' claims father

A family has been awarded car accident compensation following the death of a mother hit by an articulated lorry on the M2.

Relatives of the woman have been awarded £625,000 after the woman and her four-year-old son were hit by a Belgian lorry on the M2 motorway in 2006. The son survived the lorry accident but sustained brain damage and life-threatening injuries.

The police investigation into the car crash determined that the Flemish driver of the lorry had been driving dangerously at the time of the collision and he was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Although the family was successful in its compensation claim, the husband of the woman who died said he was disappointed that such a small amount was awarded, considering the loss of earnings the family now faces and the injuries sustained by his son.

Speaking of the accident compensation amount he said, "Every day of our lives is marked by the crash. Some might argue that this amount is only meant to be a token, only meant to be symbolic. To which I respond: even, and especially as a symbol, it is woefully inadequate."

His son will be awarded £27,000 of the car accident compensation when he is older.


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