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Broadway stuntman could seek compensation for injuries

A stuntman in the Spider Man Broadway show in the US could launch a claim for work accident compensation after suffering personal injuries while performing as the comic book action hero.

The man claims he suffered concussion, whiplash and two holes in his knees during his time on the set.

As a result of his claims the State Supreme Court in Manhattan has ordered the producers of the show to hand over any relevant information, such as emails or memos relating to the case.

During his performances and rehearsals the man made around 70 hard landings on stage, which, he says, has caused him to suffer a 1.4mm hole in his right knee and a 9mm hole in his left knee.

The stuntman has also claimed that his injuries came about after the rigging used for one of his stunts had not been properly recalibrated.

The show has faced accident claims from other performers; including an actor who suffered a fractured skull, a fractured shoulder blade, four broken ribs and three broken vertebrae during a fall in 2010.

It has not been reported whether or not the actor is seeking work accident compensation for his injuries.


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