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Tractor collision compensation possible in North Yorkshire

The family of a motorcyclist, who died in Elvington in North Yorkshire, will have to wait until investigations into the incident come to a close, and liability is determined, before claiming for tractor collision compensation.

The man was riding along Greengales Lane with another biker when the fatal crash with the tractor occurred a little after 11am.

Emergency services arrived at the incident to try to give the casualty medical attention, but the 41-year-old victim was pronounced dead at the scene. The 60-year-old tractor driver did not suffer any personal injury.

An inquest into the biker's death is expected to open, and be completed, this week.

North Yorkshire Police is asking any witnesses to the incident to come forward with information which might help determine who is liable for the crash.

If responsibility for the motorbike accident lays with the tractor driver, or the other biker who was riding with the victim, then the family of the deceased man might be able to claim tractor collision compensation for their loss.


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