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Plane crash results in only minor personal injury

A Scottish plane crash, in which the vehicle hit a telegraph pole before colliding with a wall, fortunately resulted in only minor personal injury to the three occupants this weekend.

The pilot, who owned the plane, his wife and a friend were returning from Oban when flight conditions worsened. He said "I wasn't happy with the landing and the wind wasn't favourable. I was looking to abort the flight and possibly take height and an alternative route to Insch. But the plane sunk and lost air speed and careered into the wall."

All the occupants were able to walk free of the plane, and to make the vehicle safe. Reports were that personal injury was restricted to whiplash for one woman, and a suspected back injury for the other. All three were taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for checks.

The plane crashed very close to the pilot's house, where he has his own runway. A police spokesperson said that "The Air Accident Investigation Branch have been informed and will conduct their own inquiry into the cause of the crash."


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