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A teacher has been compensated after suffering fall at school

A teacher from the North West has been awarded £158,000 in personal injury compensation after slipping over in an accident at work.

The teacher had been taking part in a fire drill when she slipped in mud which was present as a result of building work being carried out at the school. The work accident left her with severe back injuries.

The woman is one of many teachers who have been awarded compensation through the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT).

The NASUWT teaching union is thought to have secured £12.6million last year alone for members, which is almost a 20% increase on the 2010 figure of £10.5million.

The General Secretary of the NASUWT commented, "Behind each of these cases is a person whose life has been damaged through serious injury."

He added, "Personal injury compensation is important but it is cold comfort when they have lost their job, or their mental or physical health has been irreparably damaged."


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