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Lorry driver wins claim for egg smash injury

A Devon lorry driver has made a successful work injury claim following a 2008 accident that saw thousands of eggs smashed.

The 60-year-old ruptured his shoulder trying to save the 600kg crate he was loading at a local farm.

"I was pulling the eggs on to the back of the lorry, over the tail lift with a manual pump on a forklift, like I'd done countless times before," he said.

"The lorry was mucky and needed cleaning out. I had to give them a yank to get them in and I lost my footing.

"I was clinging on as I didn't want to see umpteen thousand eggs smashed to pieces, but they did. It was a complete mess."

The driver continued making deliveries for several months before his work injury forced him to stop and seek advice.

He learned that while he had reported the work accident to his transport office, no record was made there. His employers would later deny the accident had ever taken place.

His personal injury solicitor said it had been difficult persuading the company to acknowledge his client's accident compensation claim.

"Although the defendant's insurers admitted various breaches of employment regulations, they flatly denied that there had in fact been any accident," he said.

"Even if there had been a fall, they alleged that it had not caused his injury and that in any event he had been partly to blame for it.

"After detailed investigation, we started court action and shortly afterwards, the insurers were persuaded to negotiate with us."

Though the cash value of the work injury claim has not been reported, the North Devon Journal said it amounted to ‘a substantial sum'.


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