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Injured shopper compensated after slipping on wet floor

A shopper who suffered severe personal injuries after slipping on the wet floor of a supermarket has been awarded a four-figure sum in accident compensation.

The 80-year-old pensioner had been shopping at his local store in Worcester when he slipped and injured his foot in the fall.

He was taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital where doctors found that he had sustained a severe fracture in his foot, normally experienced by footballers and athletes.

The man spoke to a local newspaper about the unbearable pain the foot injury gave him as a result of the slip, commenting that it reminded him of a similar injury he had sustained back in his footballing days.

He later launched a claim for accident compensation against the supermarket after his legal team stated that the retail giant had failed in its duty of care.

The pensioner has since been awarded an undisclosed amount of accident compensation, which is believed to be a four figure sum.


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