Fire fighters seek £200k personal injury payout after being struck by masonry

Two fire fighters from Scotland are hoping to secure a personal injury payout following an incident in which masonry collapsed on them as they were trying to put a fire out.

The men, aged 29 and 36, were called out as part of a fire crew to extinguish a garage fire at a home in Lanarkshire in February 2008. However, as they tried to open the front door, rubble landed on the men.

One of the workers suffered a dislocated shoulder, fractured knee cap, a leg injury, and burns – while his colleague suffered severe leg injuries.

Both men claim that there was no need to break the door down, despite being told by the watch commander to do so.

At a hearing, the men stated that the house did not need to be accessed to fight the garage fire and the watch commander should have carried out a "dynamic risk assessment" which may have prevented the accident.

The court also heard that workers had not been properly trained in the risk of building collapse.

It has been reported that the men are seeking £200,000 in the personal injury payout.


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