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A27 road traffic accident claim possible for two van men

Two men have suffered severe personal injury and may be able to make a road traffic accident claim for their pain, suffering and resulting loss of earnings.

The crash occurred on the A27 near the University of Sussex, near Brighton, when a skip lorry and a van collided with each other.

The lorry driver escaped with only minor injuries but the two men in the van, one aged 27 and the other in his 50s, both suffered serious injuries with the younger of the victims described by police as "critical".

The older casualty was airlifted to a London hospital, and the 27-year-old was taken to Royal Sussex County Hospital for medical treatment.

Both casualties were later described as being in a stable condition.

A spokesperson for Sussex Police stated that they are "appealing for witnesses who may have seen a white van going very slowly or had broken down".

Apparently, "[the van] was partially in lane one and the verge on that stretch of road," leading the police to believe that "the white van was breaking down or had broken down on the westbound carriageway when the skip lorry was in collision with it".

Police are calling for any witnesses of the crash to come forward with information. Witnesses' accounts, coupled with the investigation of the accident site, should help police determine a cause for the collision and who is liable.

If the skip lorry driver is found responsible for the van men's injuries, they could make a road traffic accident claim against the driver's employers.


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