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Text and drive girl gets four years

A teenage girl who caused a fatal road accident while sending mobile phone text messages has been jailed for four years in a hearing at Newcastle Crown Court.

The fatal road accident occurred in November of 2006. The 19-year-old was travelling on the A696 dual-carriageway when she crashed into the rear of a car belonging to a 64-year-old woman who was killed instantly.

The prosecuting solicitor said, "She was travelling north, and at about 65-70mph according to her, she was writing and sending text messages. Her eyes cannot have been on the road."

Following the road accident hearing a sergeant with the Newcastle Area Command said, "This crash has devastated the lives of two families and will have a major impact on them for the rest of their lives.

"One family has lost a much loved wife, mother, grandmother; the other has to face the consequences of a young woman spending four years in a young offender's institution.

"Research has proven that using a mobile telephone while driving is just as bad as someone drinking and driving.

"Using your mobile while driving is inexcusable and those who do so are simply not appreciating the consequences of their actions.

"Simply not answering your phone prevents such tragedies from happening and you have to think is any call or text worth putting lives at risk?

"Mobile phones are a relatively new technology and it's only recently that the dangers of using them while driving has come to the fore.

"Motorists should remember that police carry out enquiries to see if any mobile was in use prior to a serious or fatal crash."

No win, no fee solicitors report that it is increasingly common for evidence of mobile telephone use to be used in road accident claims for compensation.


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