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Road accident in Scotland involves teenager and bus

A teenage boy has been in a road accident in Scotland which involved a collision with a double decker bus.

The 15-year-old boy was reported being seen running out of a shop straight into the path of traffic when he was hit.

The accident left the teenager with serious personal injury, while the bus windscreen was shattered by the incident.

Due to the crash potentially being viewed as being the boy's fault, he may not be able to make a compensation claim. However a 50-year-old passenger on the bus is more likely to be entitled to damages after sustaining head injury when the bus skidded to a halt following the collision.

Both the boy and the bus passenger were taken to the Glasgow Infirmary for treatment, where the teenager was later reported to be in stable condition.

Witnesses of the accident said that the boy ran out of the shop and into the road so quickly that it was virtually impossible for the bus driver to react in time. One said, "There was nothing the driver could have done, it happened so quickly."

Depending on the result of police investigations, one or more of the victims may wish to consult a no win no fee solicitor with a view to making a claim for damages following the road traffic accident.


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