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IOSH release free anti-accident at work tool

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health has released a tool to help businesses perform the risk assessments that will help them avoid an accident at work befalling their employees.

The "Risk Assessment Routefinder" is a free online system which aims to help people of all levels of experience in assessing risk, through the adoption of a user-friendly sat-nav look. The metaphor of a journey is intended to help anyone to identify the hazards that may cause a work injury, manage those risks and improve the safety culture of the workers who may be at risk of personal injury, thus avoiding the need for compensation claims.

The Policy and Technical Director of IOSH says "Routefinder aims to take the strain out of risk assessment, helping make the process easier and enabling businesses to clearly understand the hazards they face."

IOSH has more than 34,000 members working to reduce personal injury and accident at work cases, making it one of Europe's largest such bodies, and it describes itself as the "leading" body.


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