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Product liability compensation after toxic sofa claims

Three major retailers in the UK have been found liable of selling sofas which contained a type of MDF on which had been used a highly sensitising fungicide banned in Britain, which led to what is thought to be the largest product liability legal action ever to be taken by a group of British consumers.

The 408 claims against one of the three retailers had previously been rejected, but in December 2010 the Royal Courts of Justice in London approved the cases and now the victims of what are being called "toxic sofas" will be compensated by a total settlement of £750,000.

A senior litigation partner at the firm which led the consumer group's lawsuit said of the case, "Because of the irresponsible use of a chemical, thousands of consumers have suffered serious and painful health problems. All have been upset that household goods could hurt them in their own home".

The chemically-treated MDF is now banned in all European countries by the EU after it caused people in five countries to have extreme reactions, such as skin burns and breathing difficulties.

Some 3,000 people's product liability cases of personal injury caused by items of furniture are ongoing.


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