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Product liability compensation for dangerous cereal packaging

Product liability compensation cases might ensue after researchers at the Food Safety Laboratory in Zurich stated that recycled packaging used in the food industry may contain harmful chemicals.

Recycled cardboard used to make cereal boxes, and containers for many other food products, are made partly from old newspapers. According to scientists, the substances in newspaper printing ink include mineral oil, and toxicologists have said that these oils are linked to cancer and inflammation of internal organs.

There is concern among manufacturers and consumers because studies have shown that the sealed plastic bags used to keep the food fresher for longer, often do not stop oils from contaminating the product inside.

Although experts have explained that doses in individual portions are very small and should not cause any health risk, some well-known manufactures have decided to stop using recycled cardboard to make their boxes for the time being.

A spokesperson for one firm stated, "We will be discussing improved supply of recycled board, that avoids content from newspapers, with the industry and our suppliers".

Britain's Food Standards Agency has described the Swiss research as "interesting" but it says that "due to incomplete data the results have not demonstrated that mineral oils in food packaging represent a food safety risk".

If further studies prove conclusive, then customers suffering from the negative effects of mineral oils may choose to make claims for product liability compensation.


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