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Pottery worker awarded compensation for hearing loss

A pottery worker has been awarded industrial deafness compensation after suffering hearing loss.

The man had been working for twenty years at a ceramics company, which manufactured cups in factories across the Stoke-on-Trent area.

During his time in the job the man suffered severe hearing deterioration, which he blamed on his working conditions.

According to the claimant his hearing loss was caused by the noise and sirens in the factory, and the fact that workers there were never offered earplugs. As a result he has been left with hearing problems and struggles to hear conversations.

He launched a claim for compensation against the insurers of the company for his personal injuries and has since been awarded £3,000 in damages.

It is thought that many more ex-ceramic workers in the region might come forward to claim industrial deafness compensation if they too have developed hearing problems as a result of the work conditions in the factories.


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