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£2m personal injury compensation after police car crash

A trainee police officer who suffered horrific head and chest injuries when a police car crashed into a tree has been awarded about £2m in damages following a personal injury compensation claim.

The man was serving as a probationary constable with Surrey Police when the driver of the unmarked car in which he was a passenger lost control and smashed into a tree.

The 32-year-old suffered brain damage, collapsed lungs and multiple fractures to his face and leg in the accident. He was forced to retire from the police on the grounds of ill health as a result of the crash, which happened near Farnham, Surrey, in March 2003.

Following the horrific car crash, a personal injury claim solicitor acting on his behalf sued the Chief Constable of Surrey, who did not dispute liability.

High Court approval means the victim will receive a lump sum of £800,000 and a payment of £25,000 a year for the rest of his life to cover the cost of his care. Although he attempted to return to duty a year after the accident, his injuries were so severe he was unable to continue with his career.

A spokeswoman for Surrey Police said the hearing was held to approve an already-agreed settlement of the former police officer's personal injury claim which was met by the force's insurers.


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