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Council reduces claims cost, lowering premiums price in the process

Swansea Council claims to have saved around £500,000 on its insurance premiums by clamping down on people who use personal injury solicitors in order to make fraudulent compensation claims.

Fortunately, the council says that it has been able to do this while concentrating on paying the people who use personal injury solicitors to make genuine claims.

A spokesperson from the council commented on the reduced premiums, "They reflect the good work that is being carried out by teams across the authority to reduce claim costs.

"Our claims history is a major factor in the premiums we pay, and the council will continue to reduce claims as much as possible in order to keep the premiums down.

"By reducing risk and challenging fraudulent claims, we can achieve reductions whilst still responding appropriately to valid claims."

While another spokesperson from the council added that in order for a claim to be paid out, personal injury solicitors must prove the council's negligence. "Swansea Council also thoroughly investigates every claim. In order for compensation to be paid, it must be proven that the authority has been negligent," he said.


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