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Compensation for widow injured in radiator collapse

A personal injury solicitor has helped a WW2 widow claim compensation after a freak accident involving a falling radiator left her hospitalised with serious injuries to her legs.

The 87-year-old suffered severe burns, a broken ankle and a fractured hip after the failure of a plumber to correctly install a radiator caused it to collapse on to her.

However, the success of the woman's personal injury solicitor in tracing the negligent plumber meant she was able to mount the compensation bid, which has now been settled for £20,000.

The personal injury solicitor commented, "I was able to bring a claim for negligence against the plumber who had failed to attach the radiator properly to the wall and had used screws which were too small.

"There was a real moral principle behind this case. Somebody had failed in their professional duty and my poor client suffered horrendously as a result.

"She is now housebound and has lost what little independence she had left. It was only right she should be compensated."


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