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Solicitor had "fool for client"

A personal injury solicitor from Hertfordshire has been sentenced to a two-and-half year prison sentence for submitting fraudulent accident compensation claims.

The 48-year-old made three separate claims, the first for burning his feet on concrete which was installed in his livery stables, the second for an alleged pothole accident and the third for a car crash which he staged between two of his own vehicles.

The personal injury solicitor was found guilty of three charges of obtaining a money transfer by deception, two counts of false accounting, one of fraud, one of forgery and one of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

In sentencing the man, a judge at St Albans Crown Court was uncompromising in his view that, "A lawyer who conducts his own litigation has a fool for a client."

"These were extremely serious offences made more so because of who you were," he added.

The defendant did not represent himself in court this time. His solicitor said, "His real punishment has been awaiting trial. He has been a solicitor for 25 years and was a man of good character. He has lost his good character and has been struck off.

"His father has stopped speaking to him. His wife is divorcing him, mainly as a result of these proceedings. He has lost absolutely everything."


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