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UK families to process air crash claim in US courts

Personal injury lawyers acting on behalf of the families of US and UK nationals killed in a September 2007 air crash off the Thai island of Phuket are hoping to claim some £125 million in compensation for their clients.

Eight British citizens were among the 89 dead when Flight OG269 crash landed in strong rain and winds. 41 passenger survived the plane crash, but many did so with serious multiple injuries such as burns and paralysis.

However, one stumbling block the personal injury lawyers may encounter in trying to claim compensation is the issue of liability. The airline in question, One-Two-Go, deny that any unsafe working practices or maintenance failures on their part led to the accident, instead claiming the tragic crash was attributable to pilot error.

Due to US business links held by the Thai airline, the plane accident compensation claim will be processed in the US courts.

One of the personal injury lawyers representing the family members' compensation claim commented, "The families and victims are taking action in the US courts to force One-Two-Go to prove that they are not a low-cost, low-safety airline."


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