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Compensation will provide for teenager for life

A personal injury lawyer representing the case of an 18-year-old boy who suffered medical negligence at birth has successfully secured his client a payout of £5 million.

The teenager, from Stockton in the North East, was starved of oxygen at birth after doctors failed to account for complications with his mother's pregnancy. She had pre-eclampsia and the boy's delivery had to be induced, but no doctor was present at the time of birth, resulting in starvation and, ultimately, brain injury.

During the medical negligence claim proceedings the boy's personal injury lawyer detailed how his client has impaired motor abilities and the mental age of a five-year-old. If doctors at the hospital had intervened to give his a mother a caesarean section, it is likely that the boy would have been born without any disability.

The personal injury compensation payout will provide the boy with 24-hour care throughout the rest of his life.

Speaking after the award, the boy's personal injury lawyer commented, "No amount of money can compensate for what [the 18-year-old] has lost and what the family has been through.

"Doctors were aware that [the mother] suffered from pre-eclampsia and that this was her first child, so she should have been considered high risk and monitored closely. Errors were made throughout Mrs Willis's labour, all of which could have been prevented."


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