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Injured baby's family to claim compensation

The parents of an eight-month-old baby who suffered a cut to his face when a glass door broke over his pushchair while in an upmarket Bristol department store have said they will contact a personal injury lawyer in order to claim accident compensation.

Although the boy only suffered the single cut, his parents insist the accident could easily have been much worse. It is understood that the store are currently examining CCTV footage of the incident, something that may also interest any personal injury lawyer representing the case.

Although not commenting on the family's upcoming meeting with a personal injury lawyer, the boy's grandmother did say, "If his eye had been opened, I really believe [he] may have lost his eye. At the time, it was very, very scary. He was covered in blood.

"When we took his clothes off in hospital, he had glass - even though he was fully dressed - down the side of his nappy. I'm just amazed he's here and there's nothing else wrong with him."


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