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Do thanks cost money with these personal injury lawyers?

An Australian personal injury lawyer company has been in the antipodean press recently over alleged fee inflation in compensation claim bills.

Unlike a no win, no fee solicitor, the firm bills its clients in six-minute units, each costing a tenth of the hourly rate. While this may seem reasonable, reporters have drawn attention to items on the bill that show the clients have been charged for such things as an email warning of the lawyer's upcoming holiday, and for taking the time to read a thank you note sent by the client.

Understandably, this allegation has caused resentment among those people making compensation claims. One client, who has already managed to claim some refunds, said, "I am not going to stop until justice is done," and vowed to continue his protests.

The personal injury lawyer firm stated that they were also striving to come to an acceptable settlement in this case. "It became clear the best way to satisfy his concerns was to urge him to go to the Legal Services Commissioner - the government watchdog in these matters - to independently examine his case.

"We are pleased he has now chosen to do that and hope that process will give him comfort that his case was appropriately handled," the spokesman said.

He added that the firm's personal injury lawyers had achieved "a significant compensation payout for [the client's] back, neck and brain injuries and, at the time, he told us he was delighted with the result."


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