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Widow hopes solicitor can secure substantial settlement

A widow whose husband died shortly after suffering a slip and trip accident outside a supermarket has expressed her frustration at being offered only £8,000 personal injury compensation.

The woman's 51-year-old husband broke his hip after tripping over a metal bar outside the London supermarket's trolley bay then suffered a heart attack during a consequent operation.

She told The Sentinel, "He was going to start a business, he was fitter than he had been for a long, long time and was really enjoying life.

"I have been offered around £8,000 but it is not about the money - I want what is right."

She said of her husband, who was diabetic and had two prosthetic legs, "No one knew how long he would have lived, but I am sure he would have lived a little while longer if he hadn't fallen."

Now the widow has decided to contact an accident claim solicitor to commence a claim for more substantial personal injury compensation, but the supermarket has so far refused to comment on the case.


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