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Scorpion riders seek compensation

Canadian teenagers have launched a personal injury claim for CAN $5 million (3,212,000 GBP) after suffering multiple injuries while visiting a Calgary Rodeo event in July 2010.

The two children, a girl aged 13 at the time and a boy who was 14, and their mothers, were aboard a ride known as the Scorpion when a spinning arm came loose and caused riders to come crashing to the ground.

The children were both knocked unconscious. The girl suffered head injuries and internal damage and was in hospital for two weeks. The claim states that she still suffers headaches and post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). She is seeking a total of CAN $3,020,000.

The boy is seeking CAN $2.4 million in compensation for his injuries which included a traumatic head injury and injuries to his spine, chest, lungs and left leg. He suffers from severe headaches, permanent scarring and PTSD-related symptoms including fatigue, dizziness, and flashbacks.

The mothers are seeking a damages totalling CAN $168,000 for loss of income, expenses and general emotional trauma after the fairground ride accident.

The statement of claim named nine defendants to the personal injury claim and although an engineer's report into the accident was scathing in its findings regarding cracks and stress fractures on the Scorpion ride, personal injury solicitors for the accident victims are still attempting to prove their allegations in court.


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