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Personal injury cases on the rise in Gwent schools

New figures published by the South Wales Argus show a worrying number of recent personal injury claims have been brought on behalf of schoolchildren in the Gwent area.

Freedom of Information Act requests revealed as many as 39 compensation claims had been made against Gwent's five councils in the past two years.

The causes of injury were wide-ranging, and included attacks from other pupils, trips, slips and falls and sporting injuries.

However, Caerphilly council was the only authority to have been sued successfully in that time.

The council, which also had the highest number of claims involving schoolchildren, paid out £9,163.60 in injury compensation and court costs.

In the two years since 2009, four pupils at Caerphilly schools were injured by building fixtures or fittings, one as a result of smashed glass, one by temporary fencing, one playing sport and ten as a result of trips or falls.

In spite of this, a council spokeswoman said the health and safety of local pupils was of paramount importance.

She told reporters the authority had a ‘robust procedure' in place for determining compensation claims for incidents of this nature.

The figures for Caerphilly are in contrast with those from Newport council – where no personal injury claims were brought at all.


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