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Welsh salons fail to provide duty of care to customers

A new survey has shown that an alarming percentage of hair salons in Wales do not offer skin allergy test before dyeing their clients' hair. This can lead to serious personal injury due to the potential of the dye to provoke an allergic reaction

Out of 30 salons contacted, only five of them arranged the skin patch test which is necessary to ensure that no allergy will be suffered from the hair dye.

Para-phenylenediame (PPD) and other related agents which can cause allergies are in almost two-thirds of hair dyes and have caused such serious reactions that they have been banned in Germany, France and Sweden.

In the UK, however, the use of the ingredient remains un-moderated.

Allergic reactions can cause anything from skin irritation and rashes to anaphylactic shock which leads to a swelling of the airways and can be life-threatening.

Brian Plunkett, a registered trichologist and lecturer in hair science said, "Protecting clients was the main reason hairdressers should do skin tests before colouring hair."

He added, "If you do not test a client and they react to that hair colour, no matter how minor the reaction, if they decide to sue, they will always win and the hair salon will always lose."

While the skin testing is not a legal requirement, the salon holds a duty of care to its clients and if this is neglected, clients can make a compensation claim for the personal injury they have suffered because of the hair dye.


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