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Council refuses to pay out compensation to pensioner

A Norfolk county councillor has called on the authority to allow members and officers more discretion in handling claims for accident compensation.

The plea comes after a pensioner who suffered personal injuries after falling over on uneven pavement was refused compensation.

The 79-year-old woman suffered severe bruising after tripping over the paving stones in Lynn High Street in October 2008. The fall has also left her incontinent and in constant pain, for which she wears pain relief patches.

She later launched a claim for compensation against the council, which denied liability for the accident. However, despite denying responsibility the pavement slabs were re-laid on the same day the accident took place.

The woman could not afford to pursue the case against the council so has instead approached members through a motion for council.

The councillor hopes that the authority will agree to pay out accident compensation to the woman in this particular instance.


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